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name: lauren
nickname: the lovely claire named me “Caitway To Heaven” 
birthday: april 30th
gender: female
sexuality: as long as someone is kind and caring, i don’t really think it matters what gender they are tbh.
height: hobbit. ((in all seriousness i’m about 5’3))
time zone: new zealand
what time and date is it there: 8:31 AM, August 30.
average hours of sleep: somewhere between six to eight, depending on the day.
OTPs: i don’t think i really have any at the moment tbh???? for all of my favorite characters to be happy i guess.
first word to come to mind: uhhh food.
last thing i said to my family: oh god. “good morning” i think.
one place that makes me happy and why: the online world.
how many blankets do I sleep under: three. and a duvet.
favourite beverage: COFFEE. I JUST HAVE TO HAVE IT. 

i’m tagging: all of the LADIES OF SCOTLAND and THE KENNA POWER RANGERS who haven’t done it yet, bectobin, braleys, marystuaart, kaity (i don’t actually know your new url but i love you and i still wanted to tag you). p.s i know it’s not actually ten people but i honestly couldn’t think of anyone i’m sorry! 

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Caitlin Stasey being a dork.

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It’s girlfriend, bitch.

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why are you so nice to me?

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@caitlinstasey: your body shouldn’t be a prison because of the way other people will see it. be dressed, be undressed, it is your vessel.

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All cheerleaders die (2013)

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Frash Appreciation Week: day one - favorite botherly bonding moment

Casually talking about their wives (◡‿◡✿)

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@caitlinstasey: Insulting someone by accusing them of being a ‘girl’ or ‘gay’ is about as offensive as calling them a human.

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